Wedgeworth Music

Welcome! My name is Leah Kelso and this is my 17th year teaching music at Wedgeworth Elementary. I grew up all over the country; my father was a pilot in the Air Force and my mother was a teacher. They are both retired now and we live on a farm outside of town. I am married and have two wonderful children. 
I received my music degree from West Texas A&M University in Canyon, Texas and I am currently studying for my Master of Music Education at SMU. Teaching music is my passion and I believe that all children are innately musical. Music is a wonderful and beautiful way for our children to express their ideas and feelings. 
While at Wedgeworth we work diligently to lay the foundation for any future musical endeavors. All children are taught to read music and understand musical terms. We do this by singing, dancing, playing instruments and many other activities. Every child will have the opportunity to perform for their parents during their grade level program. I can't wait to see and hear everything our students create! 
Conference time: 2:10-2:55