Destination Imagination


Interested in becoming a Destination Imagination (DI) Team Manager? Do you want your students (or children) to become problem solvers, develop a positive self-image, and learn how to collaborate as a team? 

Destination Imagination FAQs:

1.  If I attend Thursday’s meeting will I have to be a team manager? No, but I would LOVE for you to join! The purpose of the meeting is to introduce you to Destination Imagination and introduce Instant Challenges, a part of our program. Instant Challenges can be used in the classroom throughout the year.

2.  How do I start a team? Each team consists of 2-7 students. Teams are divided into K-2 (Rising Stars/noncompetitive), Grades 3-5 (Elementary Level), 6-8 (Middle Level), and 9-12 (Secondary Level).

3.  Who can be a team managerAnyone over 18 years of age. Team Managers do not have to be employed with WISD.

4.  Which students can participate? ANY student can participate.

5.  Can I have a team with mixed grade levels? Yes. The team will have to compete to the level of the oldest student on the team.

6.  Can I have a team from 2 different campuses? Yes. The team will have to choose one school to represent.

7.  When, where, and how long do we meet? As a Team Manager you decide the when, where, and how long. Most teams do not meet longer than one hour, once a week either on a campus after school, or at a team member’s house.

8.  How do I become a Team Manager? I will be glad to meet with you and go over all the guidelines. Most of the things you do as a Team Manager, you can roll over into your classroom. Students LOVE solving instant challenges and having fun working together.

9.  Do I help them solve the challenge chosen by the team? NO! That is the best part. This is 100% student centered, student created materials, and student solved challenges. Your team will choose their challenge. You cannot offer any suggestions or opinions throughout the year. In the DI world this is called “interference”. Any interference will disqualify your team. Your job is to manage the group and guide them throughout the year.

10.  What districts are in our “Region”? We are a part of the Greater-Ft. Worth Region. At the tournament you will compete against the following districts: Red Oak, Mansfield, Midlothian, Ft. Worth, Weatherford, Granbury, Aledo, Mineral Wells, Abilene, and Hillsboro to name a few…



Please let us know if you are interested or have any questions. If you would like to read more visit the Regional website or the district DI page.