Lead at Wedgeworth Elementary

4 boys sitting shoulder to shoulder reading booksThe culture at Wedgeworth Elementary is exceptionally positive, family-like, and encouraging.

The Wedgeworth workforce is experienced with staff who largely has served on the campus for numerous years, which provides a sense of consistency and stability for students and families.

The staff is student-focused and is continually reviewing best practices and how to do more for the children academically, socially, and mentally. To further these initiatives, Wedgeworth operates on the house system, which is inspired by the Ron Clark Academy — a nationally- and internationally-recognized demonstration school known for its student education with academic rigor, and passion that is balanced by a strict code of discipline.

The house system groups allow more mentorship with teachers across grade levels; meanwhile, students are mentoring their peers. It is also structured from character pillars, and students are rewarded throughout the year for good behavior associated with the program. Time spent in house groups is ideal for reflection on personal goals without consequences and provides time for students to interact socially and emotionally.

After-school programs are essential to provide more opportunities for students to find passions and expand their skills. One of the most notable clubs is the STEAMing Strong Girls Club, which was incorporated in 2017 for dual language girls in grades three and four.

Wedgeworth also has a Robotics Club, Choir Club, Flag Crew, an active UIL competition program, and a Running Club with over 100 student participants. Students often compete in Destination Imagination, and fifth-grade students have the opportunity to help with Safety Patrol. Wedgeworth students also had the winning second- and third-grade science projects in the district science fair.

One leadership application-based opportunity is the Administrative Assistants. Students who are chosen for this role perform a significant leadership role on campus, completing tasks an assistant principal would do, whether that be cleaning up after students in the cafeteria, giving campus tours to new peers, setting up for special events, or assisting with deliveries. There are currently 15 students who participate as an Administrative Assistant.

Leaders are also built within the employees. Staff encourages and supports each other to continue their educations. Hands-on experience is offered to staff who require hours to receive advanced degrees.

Students at Wedgeworth display character traits of leadership, respect, responsibility, citizenship, and trustworthiness. As a designated bilingual campus, Wedgeworth’s staff and students are surrounded by a more global learning environment, which ties in to supporting peers and being mindful.

Teachers are passionate about innovative learning styles and often receive funds from the Waxahachie ISD Education Foundation for new projects. Through this resource, students get to expand their curriculum through the LEGO wall located outside the library. There, students can also check out materials from the STEM Station/Makerspace. The science lab is also utilized heavily, and creative projects are completed there by students at all grade levels.

Students have the choice to enter the dual language program that divides time between English speaking/written curriculum and Spanish speaking/writing. Waxahachie ISD utilizes the Gomez & Gomez model of Dual Language Enrichment, which is based on a Gifted and Talented model that correlates language, content, and best practices in teaching. This model has been used in Waxahachie ISD since 2015 and is implemented at over 700 schools across the United States.

Students at Wedgeworth Elementary have the opportunity to find leadership skills while being educated in a global learning environment. When Wedgeworth students graduate, they will be empowered with character qualities that will enable them to progress through secondary education.